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The Page Experience Update is upon us, will it affect your SEO!

What’s Happening

As of yesterday (June 17th) part one of the page experience update has begun but there’s no need to panic… yet. With the rollout expected to take till the end of August we are expecting no major shifts in rankings anytime soon. Google even stated that with the algorithm taking in so many other factors beside user experience that “sites generally should not expect drastic changes,”.

What We Expect to See

With mobile traffic making up 56% of global internet traffic it’s no surprise that the update is focused primarily on the mobile experience. Because of this we’re expecting to far fewer pop ups (interstitials) as Google have decided that they want them to be either easy to remove or as a small header or footer on the page. Secondly Google is pushing for faster load times with a minimal input delay. Thirdly and most importantly Google doesn’t want the page to shift while loading in, pushing for visual stability. To do this they’re giving your website a Cumulative Layout Shift score (1-100).

In Summary

In conclusion content is still king, with content and previous SEO techniques should still make you climb the rankings like normal with user experience coming into play when you and a competitor have very similar content. I for one am glad to hopefully see faster websites without annoying ads; pushing my content to the side or pages that have tabs opening behind my browser.