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Team Happie

Coventry Based

SEO Happie is an SEO agency that helps Coventry’s businesses improve their rankings in search results. For Coventry ecommerce SEO projects, we often improve SEO for WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify websites. For other Coventry websites, we typically improve SEO for WordPress, Squarespace or we can create your site and do the SEO from the ground up.

As a Midlands born team of energetic, young professionals that share a love for sun, sky blues and SEO Coventry. Our team is on hand to consult you and provide a quality service that will help your business reach its true potential.

We work hard because we have a passion for helping our clients achieve greatness. We’re here with local support available at all hours of the work day and are willing to work round the clock to help and fix any issues we encounter.

From WordPress developers, content creators, SEO specialists to Computer engineers we have it all, ready to go, so you can truly thrive!

SEO Services

The Best SEO Services for Coventry

Prior to any SEO work being performed for your Coventry based business, our SEO professionals will talk with you to find out how far your target market extends from Coventry, your current lead frequency, and your past marketing experiences. From there, we scan your website for onsite issues, content quality, and rank positions which we then compare against competitors throughout Coventry and the U.K.

Taking the time to talk with you about your Coventry business, analysing data from multiple reporting systems and pulling from our own marketing experience is what sets us apart from most SEO experts throughout Coventry. After this initial research, we put together a detailed SEO plan that will prioritize website fixes, content writing, landing page optimisations, speed improvements, meta changes, inbound linking and other SEO services to help improve your website’s ranking within your allocated monthly SEO budget.

In addition to Coventry SEO management services, we can also help improve any paid ads you may be running on Facebook or Google!

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Our experienced team will provide thorough research and collate them into understandable document so we know where we are and how to increase your traffic
Marketing Research

Marketing Research

Our team provides in-depth insight in the shifting marketplace so we can increase your brand visibility above your competitors.
SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building

We provide quality backlinks to establish trust with both the search engine and users
seo coventry services
Mission Statement

Our aims

To help you achieve phenomenal results for you and your business by providing a personal service with a professional attitude. We do this by delivering SEO solutions that are tailored to you that will get you and keep you ahead of your competitors leaving you Happie.

We provide a personal service where we achieve the maximum potential for your business.

-Jason Kay, CEO

Improve Website Content

Content SEO

Once in a while, the Coventry businesses we talk to don’t understand the importance of website content, which is best explained by looking at what goals a search engine attempts to achieve. The purpose of a search engine is to help people throughout Coventry and beyond perform a search for products, services or information and find relevant websites. To repeat, the purpose is to help a person performing a search, not to help Coventry businesses be found. When a search engine crawls your website, it will scan through your content to determine which search phrases your website will be relevant to for its Coventry or nationwide users.

If your website lacks in its own content because it links to external websites to explain what you offer throughout Coventry or has low word count, duplicate content, hidden content or poor grammar then search engines will likely determine your website as not relevant to its Coventry customers. Our professionals can help you improve your company’s website content by discovering the keywords your website is missing, writing unique content, designing better landing pages and much more!

Increase Website Speed

SEO Insights

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of a search engine is to help people in Coventry and beyond find websites relevant to their search queries. That extends to ensuring the recommended websites will load relatively quickly, regardless if they are hosted in Coventry or another area of the world. If your Coventry website is being slowed by unnecessarily complex database queries, a bloated template, unoptimized images, conflicting plugins or any number of other factors then you may see a drop in search placements throughout Coventry and beyond. We have professionals that can assess your website’s performance issues and work with you to increase the speed of your website locally within Coventry and nationwide.
Build Inbound Links

SEO Backlinks

Another important factor in search ranking is the number of quality inbound links pointing to your website from national websites and other Coventry businesses or organizations. Search engines consider the number of quality inbound links your Coventry website has to determine its popularity, authority and trust. The process of building quality inbound links is one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of Coventry SEO services. That being said, our team of professionals have experience helping Coventry businesses build quality inbound links through ecommerce affiliate programs, references in news articles, directory inclusions, professional review websites and many other Coventry inbound link opportunities.
Build Inbound Links

Fix Onsite Issues

Website issues can negatively impact your search placement throughout Coventry and beyond. For example, launching a new website for your Coventry business or organization without creating 301 redirects can lead to your local Coventry visitors, and nationwide visitors, being taken to “page not found” errors on your website. If this happens, you will lose search ranking and organic traffic. Even unoptimized page titles or meta descriptions, duplicate content issues and mobile experience issues can negatively affect your Coventry SEO rankings. Our professionals can add your Coventry website to our automated SEO tools to monitor for onsite issues and alert our team to have them corrected.
SEO Google

Rank Higher in Google Maps & Google Business

If your business is struggling to get ranked in Google Maps, we are able to help! There are modifications we can make that will improve your visibility in local maps throughout Coventry.

If you are serious about increasing phone calls, inbound leads and online purchases then you need a team dedicated to the success of your Coventry website. We have a quality, in-house marketing team ready to solve your toughest SEO and digital marketing challenges.

SEO Google

Coventry Area SEO Services

If you’ve been searching for experienced SEO experts throughout the midlands, we’ll be the SEO agency you want to contact. Our SEO team frequently helps companies looking for Midlands SEO be it Leicester SEO or Birmingham SEO.

When looking for SEO agencies throughout Coventry, we will hope you’ll consider our experienced team. We have a full staff of dedicated SEO professionals ready to help Coventry businesses.

An Experienced SEO Agency Serving Coventry Business Industries




/ Per Month

  • 3 Months free on yearly subscription
  • Advanced Business SEO
  • Perfect for local business in a less competitive industry
  • Includes website Management
  • Quarterly Performance reviews




/ Per Month

  • 3 Months free on yearly subscription
  • Premium Business SEO
  • Perfect for Local and National SEO, targeting higher levels of competition on Google
  • Includes website management & blog creation
  • Quarterly Performance Reviews




  • Customised package to suit your business needs
  • Customised package to suit your business needs
  • Pick n Mix services
  • Ideal for medium to large sized businesses
  • Bespoke package can include any of our digital marketing or SEO services
  • 24/7 Support