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We knew getting to the top for SEO Birmingham would be a challenge, but we want Birmingham to be known for more than chocolate, shopping and peaky blinders. We want it famous for SEO! At Happie, we’re capable of doing you proud, and we’re Happie to Birmingham’s SEO team of choice.
At Happie, we keep the manufacturing spirit of Birmingham alive with our hard-working ethic, working day and night till your ranked above your competitors and stay there, no matter the update, tweak or rollout Google throws at us.
Our technicians know how to wrangle WordPress, construct content, and sort SEO like no one else can. Let us take you to the top because if we can get to number 1 of SEO Birmingham, we can get your listing higher and getting the customers you deserve!
Number One

Getting You There

How we do what we do, getting someone listing higher means doing a combination of many things, one of which is backlinks. We have a dedicated team to bring you high-quality backlinks from high domain authorities. Because we’re about long-lasting results, we don’t use black hat tactics or spam low-quality links as this will only boost you in the short term and the long time leave you penalised, and no amount of SEO or site modification will get you to list.
After extensive research, we target keywords with a decent monthly search rate with limited competition, so we know that we can get you to the top. Choosing which phases you wish to go for is crucial. Selecting keywords that are too vague or not enough potential customers, the SEO work will have a limited effect on bringing you sales. At Happie, we’re skilled at building lists of possible terms, with a high monthly search the likelihood that people searching this want your product.
Content has also become ever more present in the SEO game. Google seems not to be a fan of static pages making frequent updates and tweaks a must to climbing and maintaining your ranking. Though counter-intuitively, too many tweaks and Google will happily drop you. At Happie, we know how to keep the content changes balanced to keep your page climbing.
With the latest core update to Google, how fast your page loads and the overall user experience helps with the rankings. Luckily we know a few crafty ways to get your site from sluggish to sleek to keep that SEO magic happening.
Link Building

Link Building

Building links is crucial to creating the perfect web to allow your site to climb and no one does it quite like Happie
Producing Content

Producing Content

Our team produces quality content that links back to your site and keeps it ranking
Site Development

Site Development

With the latest Google core update, speed and usability are crucial to keep your rankings, we know ways to make your site more efficient and scoring high
Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

We condense and refine data to show which keywords will be possible to get you the top spot for, focusing on both footfall and CTR
Why You Should

Use Happie for SEO

We know how important getting noticed is and with  with competitors pushing in and with nearly 60% of clicks falling on just the top three links its vital to be up there to have a fighting chance. That’s why you need a hard working dedicated team that knows what to do and can keep you informed and updated along the way. Our team fill that criteria and we’re a nice easy to talk to team that are eager to help.

We know SEO changes so we do to, we’re always up-to-date with all the rollouts and tweaks and can see what works and how to keep it working.

Pick us and you’ll be left Happie!

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We know choosing who is the right fit for your business is a big decision. So no pressure contact us and we’ll do a consultation for FREE. We can show you what you’re already doing well and show you a few areas you’re doing not so well. This way you can find out we’re the real deal, and decide if you want us to take you further.




/ Per Month

  • 3 Months free on yearly subscription
  • Advanced Business SEO
  • Perfect for local business in a less competitive industry
  • Includes website Management
  • Quarterly Performance reviews




/ Per Month

  • 3 Months free on yearly subscription
  • Premium Business SEO
  • Perfect for Local and National SEO, targeting higher levels of competition on Google
  • Includes website management & blog creation
  • Quarterly Performance Reviews




  • Customised package to suit your business needs
  • Customised package to suit your business needs
  • Pick n Mix services
  • Ideal for medium to large sized businesses
  • Bespoke package can include any of our digital marketing or SEO services
  • 24/7 Support